How To Style The Clothes You Already Have(8 Simple Ways)

How To Style The Clothes You Already Have(8 Simple Ways)

“I don't do fashion, I AM fashion.”

― Coco Chanel

Looking more fashionable isn't always about wearing the trendiest, most expensive clothes, or mastering some complex styling trick. Sometimes it's as easy as checking your Facebook notifications. That's Right! Here are the 8 simple but really effective ways to style the clothes you already got in your wardrobe:

1. Roll It

Long sleeves were meant to be rolled, right? While a button-down can feel stiff, rolling up the sleeves gives it an easy nonchalance. It's the easiest way to inject a little cool factor into even your most classic shirts.

A button-down might feel too dressed up with her easy vibe, but she changed the feel with undone, rolled-up sleeves.

2. Wear Your Jacket On Your Shoulders

Nothing says "Fashion" like a jacket over the shoulders. Crazy, but true — it costs nothing and makes your outfit look infinitely more expensive and chic. Don't think of your jacket as a jacket. Think of it as a cape with sleeves. Sleeves you are never EVER to put your arms into.

3. Knot It

The easiest way to define a waistline without a belt is knotting your shirt right at the middle. It lends a more creative finish than just tucking in your shirt and adds a playful touch.

It also makes it easy to turn a dress into a skirt if you add a button-down or a tee over the top half and tie it at the waist to create the illusion of separate bottom half, like so.

4. Tuck It

Whether it's a sweater, a tank or a collared silk shirt, just grab that middle front piece, tuck it down, and watch your style cred increase instantaneously by a factor of 10 (at least).

5. Slap A Cap On It

Fashion is all about making a statement and creating a well-defined look and no other accessory does that quite like a good hat/cap. Sure, they can be a little costumey, but that's the point. Just steer clear of fascinators. No one looks good in those things. Not even at a royal wedding.

6. Always Wear Sunglasses

Even when you're inside. Even when it's dark out. Your eyes will adjust eventually. And besides, sunglasses are way easier to put on than eye makeup.

7. Small-Bigger Combo

Wear something really small with something really big. A crop top with a ball skirt. An oversized top with cut-off shorts. Looking fashionable is all about playing with proportion and contrast. Not just big with small, but also hard with soft, tight with loose, and heavy with light.

8. Layers, layers, and more layers.

The more layers you have, the less likely any one piece is to really make or break your outfit, so go crazy — a coat, over a jacket, over a mesh shirt, over a crop top. With a belt. And leather leggings. Under a skirt. You're an onion. A fashionable onion.

That's all folks! Thank you for reading. Which one these are you gonna try? Don't forget to leave a comment. We will be glad to see your Answers.

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