What’s black and white and being seen all over? Vans sneakers. Vans, specifically in black and white has taken over Instagram and street style, grabbed by fashion editors and rappers who have nothing to do with skateboarding. Perhaps it’s because of how easily they pair with almost every outfit. Here are Green Label-approved outfit tips for this classic/of-the-moment sneaker. Bonus points if you try a few at once!

1.The Roll-Up

One of the biggest trends in menswear: rolled up pants and a pair of Vans. Denim, trousers, and chinos all work. Roll your pants up the same width as the hem, once or twice, and pair with a mid-calf sock or a low sock.

2. Without Socks

No! You can't beat this: Wearing a Vans without any socks can bring your style to the whole new level. Make sure your ankle is visible. Also, folding up your pants a little will make it look more clear & hot. So are you trying this one today?

3. All-Black Everything

What’s more classic than all-black everything? The black upper canvas of Old Skool pairs perfectly with all kinds of black clothing while the sporty white sole and canvas material keeps your look from going too formal, Gothic or harsh.

Shopping rule: If it's not black; put it back.

4.Track Pants Or Trousers

It’s a ’90s style rule that when wearing track pants you need to wear sneakers from the same brand. No more. One of our favorite looks is the exaggerated track pant or even the new, longer, tear-away pants worn over a pair of black and white Vans. It keeps the look sporty without looking like literal workout clothes.

5. White Socks

Black shoes with white socks are generally a no-no unless you’re Michael Jackson, but pairing white socks with black Vans creates a stark, high-contrast look that works without trying too hard. The white sole and stripe helps tie in the white socks, making it a great base for an outfit in any color.

So which style you like the most & what are the styles you're going to try? Comment below & let us know.

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